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Herbal tea created by women, for women
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Wild Women Tea Club is exclusively for women like you

Delicious plant based herbal tea designed and blended for the female body. Each tea has been created to help you feel like you again, at all stages of your life.

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Why Wild Women Tea Club?

Good for you

A tea for less stress, brighter moods and a sharper mind

Made to perform

Carefully selected to focus on hormonal balance

100% transparency

100% plant-based gluten-free vegan tea

Menopause Support Tea

Hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog, mood swings, irregular cycles, sound familiar?

Our menopause tea blends contain a specific mix of herbs and ingredients designed to support the female body and provide natural relief from your menopause symptoms.

100% natural, packed full of vitamins and antioxidants and they taste amazing.


Period Support Tea

Dreading your period each month? Let's sort it out!

Blended to help ease painful cramps, heavy or irregular periods, mood swings, anxiety, headaches, sore breasts and endometriosis.


Mum & Baby Support Tea

MUM & BABY support Teas are perfect for ladies who are due soon (34 weeks+) or have recently popped.

Designed to strengthen the uterus and get your body ready for labour and assist with an easier and quicker birth and prevent excessive bleeding. Then after birth to mend your body and fend off hormonal blues.

100% natural, packed full of vitamins and antioxidants which are great for your hair and skin!

Cleansing & Sleep Tea

Precisely blended, super-healthy teas that genuinely help your body detox and help you get a great night sleep!

Our DETOX teas genuinely help cleanse away the toxins from your vital organs, digestive system and help balance hormonal conditions.

Also great for hormonal acne or skin problems!

Our SLEEP teas genuinely help you relax and calm your busy mind to get a great night sleep!

Immune System Support Tea

Our IMMUNE SYSTEM Support teas are precisely blended to genuinely help your immune system and fend off bugs and colds - especially perfect for the winter months!

100% natural and super-healthy teas that have been precisely blended to help boost your immune system, health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness & Happiness Tea

For the time we need a little helping hand with our mood Our monthly cycle can affect us all in different ways and our emotions or mood balance can be one of them. If you find your moods hard to manage, then these blends are a great natural place to start.

Helps with Low moods, Anxiety, Overwhelmed, Highs & lows, Over emotional, Anger, lack of concentration, or Stress.

I'm Joney, founder of Wild Women Tea Club, thank you for visiting our store.

Wild Women Tea Club started from humble beginnings in a vintage tea shop in Bristol called Cox & Baloney (Joney), that I owned with my good friend Amy Cox.

We started with a little market stall and saved our pennies until one day we were fortunate enough to be able to open Cox & Baloney.

When we opened, I never dreamt how passionate we would become for tea and herbs. We started experimenting and researching herbs and started to learn so much about their amazing healing powers.

Accessories, gift boxes and remedies

wild women teas

Join the hundreds of other wild women enjoying our specially blended teas.

We are confident you will feel the benefits.

Each of our tea boxes available to purchase as a one off or you can save by starting a flexible subscription.


When you are drinking tea, it is basically a private conversation between the tea and your individual soul.

- Lu Ann Pannunzio