We are still in production!

We are extremely grateful for the fact we are an online business and have ways of operating in isolation. There are only two of us girl-bosses in this business and we now run the company from separate venues.
We have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of our customers including equipment, venue, how our products are handled and even to the way our products are posted or delivered.
Please keep supporting your local businesses in any way you can. We may all be on lockdown but the world hasn't stopped turning and we are still here for you! 
We have created plant-powered infusions that not only support your immune systems and boost your Vitamin intake🍒 ...but also support women generally.
Don't forget to look after YOU.


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Re-balance your body & mindset with the power of tea!

A natural, healthy plant-based drink, created especially for women

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Hey Ladies!

Lets talk about you

Feeling a bit out of whack? Not feeling quite yourself these days? Yup, we get it! 

Lets make talking about your lady bits and all things related, less taboo?

Yup, we are talking about your hormones! We're going to frank here and get straight to the point -

Do you suffer with your periods?

If you're anything like me, I used to DREAD it coming each month!

It can effect us girls in so many different ways. Maybe you suffer from intense cramping, hormonal headaches, acne, bloating, low moods, anxiety, hot flushes or perhaps even brain fog? 

If so, you've landed in the right place. 

Grab this chance to change your life!

As women, we tend to take on too much and things can get a bit overwhelming. It can be lonely and we can spend much of this time feeling… out of balance.

We created Wild Women Tea Club because we believe in a better way, a natural way and a kinder way to help re-balance your hormones, calm your monthly cycle symptons and bring back a new you.

A simple ritual created specifically for the female body, for less stress, hormonal support, more energy, brighter mood and a sharper mind. We focus on hormonal balance, regularity & symptom relief.

Feel like YOU again! You deserve it! 

Wild Women Tea Club is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, vegan, and free of sweeteners and preservatives. 

Its not rocket science, it's just tea! 

That ANY girl or woman could enjoy, whilst also tasting great AND giving you all the health benefits too!

One cup a day can make all the difference. Take our 30 day challenge and really see the magic happen. 

Why 30 days? to go with your cycle... Simple

Join hundreds of other women and try today. We are a lifestyle, hub and community for all women.

We are Wild Women Tea Club

Take the Challenge!

  • The Queen Bee (Menopause) Tea Box
    The Queen Bee (Menopause) Tea Box
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  • Mindfulness - Mindset & Hormone Support
    Mindfulness  - Mindset & Hormone Support
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  • Detox Box
    Detox Box
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  • The Warrior (Hormonal Balance)Tea Box
    The Warrior (Hormonal Balance)Tea Box
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  • Happiness! - Mood manager
    Happiness! - Mood manager
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  • Warrior & Tonic (Hormonal Balancing ) Special Offer
    Warrior & Tonic (Hormonal Balancing ) Special Offer
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How it works

STEP 1/ heat water . scoop . infuse

Mix a large scoop of loose leaf into tea filter / strainer and infuse for 5 mins in hot water 

We recommend 1x tablespoon per mug or small teapot. The longer you leave to infuse, the more taste & health benefits! 

STEP 2/ sip . pause . enjoy

TTake a moment to enjoy your tea. Get outside in the fresh air.


Feel the rays of sun on your face.  If you can, put your bare feet on the ground. Connect. Take 5 and escape with a good book, or your morning/evening meditation. 

STEP 3/ repeat the ritual . feel the benefits

Wild Women Tea Club has been specifically created for the female body. There are huge health benefits with only one or two cups a day. One cup in the morning time & one in the evening.  

Take our 30 day challenge & really see the difference in yourself. (goes with your cycle)

Join the monthly subscription and the rest is done for you


I have just placed my third order with you, and wanted to say thanks.

My wife has suffered from crippling headaches every month with her cycle for years and years. Each month, this would take her out completely for between 2-5 days

As a gift in Feb, I thought I would try my luck with your warrior pack. The results have been remarkable, 2 months have passed without a headache at all. I still can’t quite believe it, in fact part of me didn’t want to say anything to you, in case I cursed it. However at times like these I thought you could both do with knowing how much we appreciate your teas and to keep up the good work.