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Be kind to your gut

Healthy gut. Healthy you.                                                                  

There is more increasing awareness of how important a healthy digestion is and this is all connected to your gut.

So, what do you know about your gut?


Research indicates that most of the body’s serotonin is a key hormone in balancing moods and is produced within the gut.


Your gut is the centre of your good health, so it is so important to listen to it.

Introducing small changes in your diet can really make such a huge difference.

Gut bacteria influences our immunity, our moods, our hormones and even our weight. 



Signs that your gut may need some attention can vary but the main ones can be

Frequent Bloating

Trapped Wind


Low Moods

Skin Issues


If this resonates with you then let’s start making changes.

Focus on Fiber – Fiber is crucial for gut health as it promotes movement of the food throughout the body

Choose your drinks wisely and drink plenty of water to keep your gut happy.

Keeping active and your stress under control is very important.

Eating slowly and mindfully too. Enjoy the process of nourishing your body with delicious healthy food that will benefit your body.



Drinking herbal teas promotes good health within the gut and boosts your body naturally filling it with all the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that it needs.

As a poorly gut can affect your moods, skin, energy and bloating, certain herbs are great for balancing out all the hormones.



Digestive discomfort is all too common now a days, but it is something that nobody should have to put up with.

Herbal tea has the power to help ease your digestive woes and promote a happier gut.

Fennel, Ginger and Mint are all superpower herbs that can gently ease any indigestion and cramping. 


You will find these wonderful herbs in a few of our teas such as

Fly me to the moon - Sleep box

Our Fly me to the moon is our fruity tea blend and the perfect tea to sip in the evening before bed. 

It contains Fennel and Chamomile and great for PMT or Menopausal symptoms. 

Flu Buster - Immune Support Box 

Our Flu Buster is a refreshing, yet fiery Lemon and Ginger tea blend and is the perfect tea blend to boost your body and mind.  

A great tea if you are looking to boost your vitamin intake. 

Titty Tea - Breastfeeding Support 

Our Titty Tea is our Breastfeeding support tea and helps towards post pregnancy and hormonal blues. 

It promotes calm and restfulness and is great for digestion for both mum and baby. 

Packed with powerful herbs such as Chamomile, Elderflowers and Fennel, this delicious drink is a great tea to have for yourself when you are feeding your baby. 

Even if you choose not to breastfeed, this tea is the perfect blend of tea for all new mothers. 

Lazzzee Daze  - Cleansing Box

Our Lazzzee Daze is infused with a blend of English flowers, Mint and Fennel to create our Cleansing tea. 

This tea helps you to relax whilst also cleansing your system throughout the night. Our carefully selected blends gently clear away the toxins and old hormones within your body. 



We source all of our tea from around the world and carefully select each herb so that they work well with one another. We then blend all of our tea in our warehouse in Somerset.

Herbal tea is a great way to get all those natural and nutritious vitamins into your body but we are very particular on taste. Herbal tea should be a mindfulness experience and a enjoyable one too. 

Taste is everything and we are so happy that Wild Women Tea creates those wonderful moments for you. 

Read our positive feedback from our lovely customers.  











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