Body Image and Mental Health


Body image and Mental Health

When you look into the mirror, what do you see?

How do you speak to yourself? Do you compliment yourself often like you would do your best friend?

Jennifer Lopez put up a picture of herself recently wearing a bikini and looking amazing. She is a woman in her 50s and clearly looks after herself.

What is the first thing we do as women?

We body shame ourselves. I was reading some of the comments under her picture on social media and couldn’t get over all the negative words that people were saying but not about the lady in the picture. This image of a beautiful lady had projected such a negative impact onto them. They were being nasty to themselves. They were being a bully to themselves. They were body shaming and belittling themselves.

Which goes to show how we can sometimes be our own worst enemy which is very sad to see.

Jennifer Lopez is a woman who yes clearly looks after her body but remember that this is her job. Her job is to look good.

I don’t know a single woman personally who has never spoken badly to themselves and can automatically point out their flaws. We all do it and if you don’t, then I bow down to you because you my friend are my muse.  

We are now a nation of building women up and supporting them but what about supporting you. What about building you up to become the best of you.

A negative body image mentality will of course start to affect your mental health, and this can be where underlining health issues can occur such as Bulimia, Anorexia and Depression.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why do we put ourselves through this dark path of craziness and self-destruction?


Our perception of beautiful has become so faded that I feel very sorry for my children’s generation who must grow up in a world filled with Instagram filters, and popularity based on how many Tik Tok views you have.

“Oh, she loves herself”.

Why is that sentence always said with such a negative vibe attached to it?

There is nothing wrong with loving the body you are in. It is your body, and a body that will be with you for your whole life. Make best friends with yourself. Be kind and simply love who you are. Embrace it. It can be hard, but you get to choose the person you get to be. Nobody else.





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