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The female body is something to be celebrated about, so our main aim here at Wild Women Tea is to empower women to become more fulfilled and prouder of who they are.

Wild Women want to be that connection for all women, and filling your body with natural goodness whilst also helping your mind and bringing out the best version of yourself means everything to us.

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Wild Women was created by women for women and our main aim is to spread our positive body message through our herbal tea.

Tea is that moment when you slow yourself down and take that precious time to sit down and reconnect with yourself. It's a moment of self-care in which we all need to remember to give ourselves. It's that time to check in with yourself.

We created The Taster Box so that all women can taste our tea and decide which one is for them.

Taste is everything.

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Our taster boxes contain two boxes of tea and each packet gives you enough tea to try to make up your mind about what you like without costing too much either.

Here are a few of the Taster Tea Boxes and two so much more on our website.
Wild Women Tea Club - For women who drink Tea!


The Warrior Herbal Tea Box

'The Warrior' contains our 2 delicious Period Support Tea Blends Everythings Rosey & Lavender Dreams.

Both teas are absolutely delicious, 100% natural and full of plant-powered goodness.

Each tea blend is a very specific mix of healthy natural ingredients designed precisely for the female body and designed to relieve period-related symptoms such as cramps, hormonal headaches, irregularity, anxiety, sleepless nights whilst also supporting your hormones lifting your emotions.

Plus, both teas are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, which are great for general health and your skin & hair condition!

It is a plant-powered option for less stress, hormonal support, more energy, a brighter mood, and a sharper mind. We focus on hormonal balance, regularity & symptom relief.


The Mindfulness Herbal Tea Box

Mindfulness will help balance your hormones, relieve period pain and calm any anxiety or a 'busy' mind.

Kick start your day with our Wake Up & GoGo blend - a fruity infusion of raspberry leaf, raspberries, apple, rosehip, chamomile & strawberries.

Designed to give you balance, ease anxiety, and any helps premenstrual tension. The raspberry leaf is beneficial for the female cycle, helps re-balance your body and aids cramps. It has a beautiful combination of fruits & herbs, which boost your energy levels and give you focus for the day ahead. Caffeine-free.



The Happiness Herbal Tea Box

The 'Happiness!' Box contains two delicious Happiness Tea Blends Happy Tea & Lavender Dreams.

Both teas are delicious and genuinely work to lift your mood, reduce anxiety, balance your emotions, bring calm and promote a great night’s sleep.

Both are 100% natural and full of plant-powered goodness.


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Quoting from our favourite female empowered style icon and representing all that is body positive for women, the gorgeous Daisy Lowe has spoken about our tea and how it has helped her in her journey right now.

“They are all so delicious! I love everything about each tea. I love the ritual of them, the smells as they stew & the taste of them! They have been so helpful for sleeping, for my PMS, for boosting my immune system & I just absolutely adore every tea you make xxx”

Shop all of our taster boxes online now.


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