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Dear Mums....

Dear mums...
If today is not the best, 
If you've been struck down with anxiety, 
If you are more tired than words can express,
If you have tried to leave the house for the last three hours,
If your partner doesn't seem to understand, 
If your friends just don't 'get it'
If you haven't had 5 minutes to yourself in days
If you feel the urge to scream ... we get it
We've been there, we've done it and we're here to help.
We don't have a magic wand but we do have knowledge & experience. We have been through pregnancy, loss, labour, the post-natal emotional overflow that comes afterwards and the pain, yet immense love of trying to breastfeed. It can be really tough, lonely and completely overwhelming...especially the early days. And even more so now with Covid-19 as the support network may not be there for you.. but we are. 
Your body goes through some huge changes and they don't just simply disappear as soon as labour is over. No this is just the beginning of the emotional journey! Get ready, it can be a bumpy ride.
First stop is to always consult with your mid-wife, GP, lactation consultant, health visitor, or whoever is supporting you during this time. 
However, we believe that we have created some very special blends of herbs that will really help. 
Herbs that will bring mindset, calm & rest
Help to regulate your hormones
Reduce post-natal blues
Help put your womb back together
Aid yours & babes digestion 
Increase your milk flow
Build up essential nutrients & minerals for you both 
You are not alone
Our Mum & Baby Tea Box is perfect for the last few weeks of pregnancy and the few months that follow. Followed by our Breastfeeding support blend, Titty Tea! 
All of our teas are natural hormone balancers and we have added a few extra botanicals which make them especially beneficial around this time. 

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