Dear Mums....

Dear Mums...
If today is not the best, 
If you've been struck down with anxiety, 
If you are more tired than words can express,
If you have tried to leave the house for the last three hours,
If your partner doesn't seem to understand, 
If your friends just don't 'get it' If you haven't had 5 minutes to yourself in days
If you feel the urge to scream ... we get it.
We've been there, we've done it and we're here to help.
We don't have a magic wand but we do have knowledge, experience and tea!
You may laugh, you may think we are crazy... but we have created a special blend of herbs that really will help. 
Herbs that bring mindset, calm & help regulate hormones.
Help you face the world again.
You are not alone
So whats so special about it?.... our unique Raspberry leaf infusion!
Raspberry leaf tea isn't just great for pregnant women... It's great for ALL women! The benefits may surprise you.⠀
The leaves are a natural hormone balancer and especially beneficial around the time of your cycle. It's helps to reduce cramps and keep you regular. ⠀
It's also PERFECT for post pregnancy! Your poor body has gone through a MASSIVE experience and needs help to put itself back together again!
It will thank you!⠀
We have created different blends here that are also jam packed full of antioxidants and calming herbs to help mindset too. 
Why not try some out? If you drink at least one cup a day, we guarantee that you will see the difference in yourself
IT WORKS! we've tried it ourselves!

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