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Hibiscus - The Chinese Rose



Hibiscuses are one of the most beautiful plants that are popular in many countries. Often this plant is called the “Chinese Rose”.

Flowers that are deep red in colour are well known for their amazing health benefits when consumed.

Consuming Hibiscus may give you some benefits in stimulating weight loss, strengthening the immune system by providing Vitamin and antioxidants.

It can reduce the intensity of hot flushes whilst solving dandruff and acne problems.

It is known to:

Lower Blood Pressure

Support healthy cholesterol

Prevent Oxidative Stress

Shows promise in fighting certain Cancers

Reduce Obesity

Act as a Natural antidepressant

May prevent Kidney Stones



Hibiscus is known to help with Menopause symptom’s such as hot flashes which is one of the most common symptoms whilst going through this natural process.

Hibiscus is a homeopathic remedy that has been used historically to help aid this stage in a women’s life so adding this amazing and delicious herb into your tea will be very beneficial.

Used as an ancient health remedy in Chinese medicine for the past three centuries.

This flower packs a powerful punch when it comes to health for women especially.




Although safe to drink, because of studies done with consuming a huge amount of this herb, we recommend that it is best for women who are pregnant to not drink it.  


Although safe in moderation, consuming a huge amount can obviously cause some side effects.

Liver toxicity

May exaggerate gout

Medication Interactions (speak to your GP)



We created our Immune Booster with this amazing cranberry flavoured herb to support you and your body. Our bodies need healthy vitamins and nutrition to support the functioning of our bodies.

Our VIT HIT berry blend is a delicious tea that is jam packed and filled a with scrumptious berries, apple, beetroot and of course hibiscus which is so beneficial for your health.

100% natural with no nasties and no caffeine, this tea is truly bursting with deliciously sweet flavours.

Our Flu Buster tea is a refreshing, yet fiery tea blend filled with ginger and lemon to help boost your vitamin intake.

As we head into the Winter, this is the perfect tea box to have in easy reach. 

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