Honey Bush - The Flowering Shrub

Honey bush Tea is an herbal infusion from South Africa.

The tea is made by steeping dry Honey bush leaves in boiling water, and it has gained worldwide popularity due to it’s several medicinal and therapeutic properties.


This woody plant can grow up to 10 feet high.

It has pale yellow flowers with a characteristic sweet, honey like scent and taste, which is there the tea gets its name from.

Honey bush tea isn’t just sweet tasting, but also caffeine free, nutritious and contains very small amount of variety minerals including Calcium, Iron and Zinc.

With its honey like aroma and rich in antioxidants, it may improve bone health, fight cancer properties, boosts skin health.

Originating from the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Its cousin, Rooibos, meanwhile grows exclusively in Western Cape Province.

It has potential to regulate blood pressure, sooth eczema and support those with gout.



According to a recent statistic, 30% of the world’s population experience high blood pressure in their lifetime.

Honey bush, like Rooibos tea, acts as a sort of Bronchodilator.

Bronchodilators are a type of medication that can make breathing easier by relaxing the muscles in the lungs and the widening the airways.

By reducing high blood pressure, this in turn, reduces the risk of a Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, Strokes, Kidney Disease and Dementia.


Honey bush can reduce skin swelling, skin aging and when rubbed into the skin, can protect you from skin damage.

It helps in promoting healthy features within the skin, including elasticity, creates a barrier function, whilst reducing pigmentation.



Throughout Menopause, your Estrogen levels drop naturally.

Honey bush behaves like Estrogen in the body, which in turn contributes significantly to a reduction of discomfort caused by the Menopause.

Honey bush is of our main ingredients that we use in our Queen Bee box which is our Menopause support tea. Due to all the amazing health benefits that it provides throughout this time in a women's life, we feel it is so beneficial to regularly consume this beautiful and delicious flowering plant to relieve any Menopausal symptoms that you may have. 

the queen bee herbal tea box




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  • Can an elderly lady on medication take this please? Such as warfarin etc? My Nan might like this.

    Donna Palmer

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