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How's your PMS?

This week has been tough, not only is the lack of freedom really kicking in but also I had an argument with a close friend..
It wasn't nice, we said some words and didn't speak again for 3 days.. But then she sent me a text - "I'm okay now, I'm coming out the other side of my PMS "

Thats when I totally got it
Sometimes you feel like a completely different person on the run up to your period. It can affect you in so many ways, whether in physical pain or mentally you may feel like you've been taken over by the zombie apocalypse! 👿👽👺💀
In short, it is brought on by your hormones, which are a bit all over the place on the days leading up to your period.
As PMS can be so different from girl to girl, tell us what your symptoms are so that we can suggest the best remedies for dealing with them? 🌱
We have launched a Facebook page - Wild Women Tea Club, come join us for advice, tips, motivation, and some fun! 💋

Drinking tea instead of coffee can actually really help. Too much coffee can make you jittery and provides your body with fats that it doesn’t need, whereas a cup of tea is not only relaxing but will also cleanse your body.
Our blends have a very specific blend of herbs which can punch a lot of these symptoms in the face...for those precious few days at leàst.




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