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Protecting our bodies has never been more important right now but to look great from the outside, then you need to look after what is inside.

Filling your body with the best nutrients, vitamins, and food there is as well as daily exercise is so important but can also be hard to commit to when you have a busy life.


The Immune System is a complex thing and there are reports out there saying that Social Distancing and not being exposed to germs and bacteria may have weakened our immune system as which may leave us more susceptible to catching the flu and other illnesses.

The main parts of the Immune System are:

The white blood cells.

The complement System

The Lymphatic System

The Spleen

The Thymus

The Bone Marrow

All these different body parts actively fight infection.

Your skin is also an important part of the Immune System. Your skin acts as a boundary between germs and your body. It protects from Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Toxins.


With this in mind, we created The Immune Booster Box to support your body and give you a vitamin boost.

Our Vit-Hit berry blend is a delicious tea that is jam packed full of tasty berries. Filling your body with these natural blends are so beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

100% natural tea fruit with no nasties and no caffeine and a great morning drink to wake up to.

Our Flu Booster is a refreshing, yet fiery Lemon and Ginger blend, perfect to boost your vitamin intake.


Other ways to naturally boost your Immune System are:

More Sleep

Eat more plant-based foods.

Eat Healthy fats

Eat more fermented foods.

Limit Sugar


Stay hydrated.

Limit stress levels

Take vitamins.


What we put into our bodies is so important when trying to keep a healthy Immune System. Eating a well-nourished diet filled with goodness can be a great natural way to keep your body healthy.

Professor Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and lead on the Covid-19 Zoe symptom study app, says research suggests a connection between the bacteria in your gut and the functioning of your immune system. He explains that the wider the variety of plant fibre you eat, the healthier and “more diverse” the bacteria in your gut will be. The optimum level of variety is eating “30 different types of fruit and vegetables per week”, including nuts, seeds and herbs. But there are additional ways to support your gut bacteria via diet.

Vegetables are a type of prebiotic, a group of fibre-containing foods that ‘fertilise’ existing bacteria and encourage microbe development. Other prebiotics include wholegrain foods, such as brown breadrice and pastabeans and pulses.

Combining good food and natural herbs will be a definite positive into building up your immune system. 

Who knew enjoying a delicious cup of tea could have so many benefits. 





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