Lets talk about the menopause..

Ladies, let's talk about the menopause... 🌸
It's a subject that many don't like to talk about, but why the hell not? Let's not pretend it's not happening or that nearly every woman in the world will go through this at some point in her life! I mean, as if general puberty throughout our teenage years is not hard enough, we then get hit with periods for a huge chunk of our life, then follows, for some, the battle with pregnancy, (which has it's own emotional spiral - but that's for another post!) And then BAM! Here's the next emotional rollercoaster... menopause.
Hormones are a killer! But there are ways to help - take time to figure out what your body is doing, your hormones are going through changes and may need a helping hand. Keep a good diet, reduce your sugar intake, get outside and exercise.... yes yes, you've probably heard all of this before? But every little helps and altogether will make a difference.
We created a blend or two here that can really help calm those symptoms. They are jam-packed full of gorgeous herbs that we have seen make a difference. One being sage; which may not be the first herb you'd think of drinking, but research shows that many women find it really beneficial. We've blended it with our favourite super-berry Goji, to help naturally sweeten the sage (which may otherwise remind you of a roast dinner!) and boost your vitamin intake. Paired with lemon balm to calm any anxiety and honeybush tea too which combined can help calm several symptoms in one cup! 
There are many sage supplements out there, but at least with our tea you know its 100% natural herb and you can monitor your intake. 
So ladies, give two fingers up to night sweats, mood swings, brain fog, insomnia, fatigue.... and grab life by the Lady Balls again! 👊👊👊👊 You're not alone and we are here to help. Try our Queen Bee box for 30 days to see the difference in yourself. There's a gorgeous evening blend in there too which is an added bonus to combat the evening symptoms and help you rest at night.

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