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Menopausal Sunshine


Menopausal Sunshine 

The world has now woken up again and as we emerge from that sleepy stage, which was known as lockdown, it seems a fast-paced life is back on the cards for most people again.

What we can try to take away from last year is at least the thought that if life can quickly change for us, we as human’s are so strong and adaptable.

Our tea was created for women of all ages and from different walks of life and with unique stories to tell.

We made this tea as a connection for women to get talking about their bodies and to support one another.

We are so lucky that we now live in a world where we are surrounded by strong and fierce women who are proud of who they are and are paving the way for the next generation.

Menopause was a subject in the past that women just got through on their own and didn’t dare speak out about how it affected not only their bodies but most importantly, their minds.

We are a nation of female powered women, and we are now finally speaking about subjects that are so important.

Menopause is important.

Mental Wellbeing is important.

Women speaking out is important.

It is a natural process for a woman to go through but sometimes it is not an easy one.

There are so many symptoms that some women do not even know about until they speak to someone else who have gone through it or may have more knowledge on it.

Wild Women Tea Club was established to allow women to enjoy that process of mental wellbeing by slowing down, breathing, and enjoying the simple task of making a cup of tea.

Simplicity is a beautiful word because it has a beautiful meaning behind it.

With this in mind, we do know that life can be a busy one and we are so happy to that we can cater our tea to everyone, no matter what pace of life they are going through.


Our delicious, concentrated tea tonics are 100% natural and plant powered concentrated tea drop’s.

We have magically taken all the goodness and taste from our bestselling tea from our Menopause Support tea blend, The Queen Bee, and squeezed it into a sweet and handy little bottle which is perfect pop into your bag or pocket.

With the perfect balance of specially selected herbs, our tea tonic drops offers you fast acting relief from Menopausal symptoms such as,

Brain Fog

Hot Flushes

Itchy skin


Hormonal Support

Calms the Mindset

Brings Focus and Clarity

Promotes healthy Skin and Hair

Infused with warming Sage and a hint of natural sweetness from Honey bush and Goji Berry, our Cup of Sunshine Tea Tonic is something very special indeed.


How can this herb help you through your journey of the Menopause?

Sage owes its name to the Romans: Salvia meaning “to heal”.

It also belongs to the mint family and is not only used for its flavour buts natural health benefits too.

Common Symptoms of the Menopause are uncontrolled and unexpected sweating and hot flushes.

Sage has been traditionally used to treat these symptoms in a more natural way.

Taken from the website Future your Health:

"In a small open multicentre human study with 71 menopausal women, sage was found to be effective in reducing hot flushes after 8 weeks. In a more recent study in Iran, consumption of 300mg of sage extract decreased the severity of hot flushes and night sweats after 3 months, in comparison to the placebo group.

The molecular mechanism of how sage can decrease hot flushes and sweating is not clear. Some studies done in cell models have suggested that the osteogenic flavonoids present in sage, could be responsible for the anti-flush effect."

Sage is one of the most important herbs that we use in The Queen Bee box - Cup of Sunshine tea and in our Cup of Sunshine concentrated Tea Tonic. 

Sage contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Fibre and Iron so although if you feel that this herb is not proving beneficial to you, Sage is naturally jam packed with natural goodness and nutrients, then giving it a go in a cup of tea or a few drops on the tongue is definitely worth a try. 



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