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MENOPAUSE MATTERS – The truth behind the myths of HRT.

As a woman in my thirties, I have never thought much of Menopause and what it does to the female body. How not only is it affecting your body, but more so your mind. I had this uneducated thought in my head that Menopause only affected older women in their 50s when it does not. Women can enter Menopause as early as their 30's.

Since I have become an official Wild Woman, my eyes have been opened to what Menopause is and what it entails. I was so naive to think that the only symptoms were hot flushes and night sweats. How wrong was I?


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No matter what age they are, every woman should have some sort of knowledge into what the Menopause does to you and recognise the early symptoms as there can be up to 34 different ones.

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The most common symptoms can be.

Hot Flashes

Night Sweats

Loss of libido

But many others could be the start of the Menopause known as Perimenopause.

As well as the physical aspect that some women go to such as


Weight gain


Hair loss

Trouble sleeping


There is also the mental side, which needs to be talked about more.
Menopause has been known to cause.



Foggy Brain

Difficulty concentrating

Mood swings

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All this information does look somewhat overwhelming, and how can one body take all of that, but each woman varies in symptoms. That is why we want to make sure that every female knows their body, knows their mind, and knows their options.

So, let us talk about HRT.


The stigma around the HRT drug has always been a negative one for me. I was told ridiculous myths of the drug sending women crazy.

But apparently, this all stemmed from a study made 20 years ago that linked HRT to Breast cancer.

When this study was released and made public, nearly a million women decided to throw away their hormone replacer and go down another route.

1 in 10 women takes HRT, which is probably due to the lack of knowledge, the lack of support and the lack of women just not openly speaking about what they are going through.

Natural is not for everyone. The female body is unique, and many women can get through the rest of their menopausal life naturally, and there are simply others that cannot.

Although HRT can increase the risk of breast, ovarian and womb cancer, it is only slightly. When you enter Menopause, the female body no longer can produce hormones, so the HRT acts like a hormone top up so that everything can remain balanced and eases symptoms.


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Those who do decide to go down the natural route are living a life without these hormones and therefore increase their risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Dementia and Osteoporosis, according to menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson.

Nobody knows your body as you do. When something is not right, you need to listen to that feeling and try and fix it.

HRT stands for Hormonal Replacement Therapy, and it tends to affect women between 45 -55 years old, but Perimenopause can start much earlier. It is potentially known as a "long term hormone deficiency".

There are two different HRT that you can take depending on which suits you best.

There is the Oestrogen only HRT and the combined HRT, which consists of both Oestrogen and Progesterone.

There are so many myths out there about HRT, and it is mainly about educating yourself. Women are finally starting to talk and learn more from each other. If a simple drug can save a woman's life from depression and going crazy, then it is something to investigate.

Speaking with Catherine Hale Embodied Trauma Resolution - Coach - Guide - Educator - Love - Sexuality - Business

'The decision to take HRT wasn't an easy one. The link between HRT and cancer of the 1990's - still rang as truth in my body, the shameful feeling of failing to do it naturally was strong - yet allowing myself to feel my worthiness - that my wellness mattered, my vitality was essential and that the world needs the work I'm sharing right now was enough to make the decision for me. Six weeks into my HRT journey and my nights are restful, no more hot flush assaults waking me every half an hour, my body is relaxing after holding on to - what's felt like the edge of sanity at times, and I feel more able to expand into this next phase of my life.'

Catherine will be joining us on an Instagram Live very soon to speak about HRT and kindly share her journey with us.

We always advise speaking to your GP when choosing which journey that you wish to go down.

We created our Queen Bee box to support women naturally and help them in their unique journey.


All the herbs in our tea are carefully selected to create a delicious taste to help ease any physical and mental symptoms.

Wild women are all about naturally filling your body with natural goodness, but we know that natural herbs may not be enough. We are aware our tea cannot stop a natural human cycle from happening as change is inevitable, but herbs are known to respond well to helping and easing symptoms. We are here to support all women in whichever path they choose to go down to help them individually.

This week, we offer 15% off our Queen Bee box to celebrate Womanhood and Female Empowerment. Yes, being a woman can be hard sometimes, but together, we can get through it positively.

Things are changing, and women are finally starting to feel more confident in their bodies and their choices and empowering themselves and others. We need to shout from the rooftops, Menopause Matters. You matter. Do not suffer in silence. Life is so precious. Talk out loud to be heard. Someone will hear you, and someone will listen.


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