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Motherhood – Connection is everything

What does motherhood mean to you?

Nobody can prepare you for motherhood. You can buy all the books and take advice from all the experts, but there is nothing that can mentally prepare you for that moment until you are in that Wizard of Oz twister calling Motherhood.

Like Dorothy being thrust up into the air in a bleak black and white scenario, utterly unaware of what is to come and then bang, a new world all colourful, pretty and inviting but not is all that it seems. There is the hurdle of the witch to get through in case you are not so aware of the classic film. Maybe that can be related to the terrible toddler two stage?

We all take the same journey when we become mothers. It is what connects us. Regardless of ethnicity or status, most of us all make the same journey throughout our pregnancy.

The complete highs to the downright low’s, it is an emotional roller-coaster, and within all that chaos in our heads, as we trek through this new chapter in our lives, a baby grows.

Yes, pregnancy is a fantastic moment in a woman’s life, but it can also sometimes be the loneliest.

With so much uncertainty when you get pregnant, and the fear and anxiety that all goes well can sometimes be quite overwhelming.

There is so much happening within your body. Not only physical as your body suddenly changes overnight, but mentally too.

This blog is not about sugar-coating Pregnancy and Motherhood and sticking a cherry on top.

It is hard work, and tears will be shed, but that unconditional love is a real thing.

You have created a completely pure and unique human being. And that is something utterly amazing.

If you do not feel like that right now because an instant bond with your baby does not always come naturally, that is okay.

Wild Women's advice to you is to connect with someone. Reach out and talk.

Wild Women Tea was created to encourage women to connect and support one another.

Women are our inspiration for Wild Women Tea, and so we designed The Pregnancy Box to support you in the most significant journey that you and your body will go through. Your body is your best friend, so treat her well; she works hard for you.

With all the lovely symptoms that go along with Pregnancy, such as Nausea, Insomnia, Brain fog, Fatigue and Anxiety, we have created two tea blends that go hand in hand with one another to help you throughout this time in your life.

Our tea can not change how your labour will go or how the days after will go, but we can help.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back, and let us tell you a bit more.


Starting your new day with a mug of our Everything’s Rosey is designed to give you that lift in your hormonal imbalance and ease any anxiety that you may be feeling.

It can help strengthen your uterus muscles whilst being jam-packed full of all the goodness of antioxidants.

We have combined Mint and Raspberry leaf tea to help aid you through the tough days as you combat that terrible nausea feeling, morning sickness and cramps.

You can also continue drinking our tea after pregnancy, and the Raspberry Leaf is great for your uterus and helps to stop any heavy bleeding.


Our late afternoon tea is our Fly me to the Moon. A fruity tea blend infused with refreshing Orange and Apricots and packed full of vitamins, minerals, and cleansing herbs such as Fennel and Chamomile to cleanse the body overnight.

All these herbs packed together aids digestion and reduces bloating or reflux.

Honeybush is also full of nutrients that will help relieve any hormonal symptoms too.


We also offer a breastfeeding support tea which helps towards Post Pregnancy and Hormonal Blues.

With an incredibly special blend that is calming, promotes restfulness, great for digestion and full of nutrients for both baby and mum.

Wild Women believe that no matter how you choose to feed your baby, be it through breast or bottle, our delicious tea can be enjoyed either way. 


We have asked a few mum’s what their best advice to new mums and dads would be.

Joney & Amy – Founders of Wild Women Tea

Wild Women Tea Club - For women who drink Tea!

“To be a good parent, you need to be patient and allow your children to make mistakes and to help them to pick themselves up.

We think that it is important that every child makes their own mistakes and then knows how to solve them.

Making sure that they understand that it is ok to be who they are and to be individual to themselves, and to also be proud of who they are.

Letting them know that they do not have to change for anyone if they are happy with themselves and stay true to themselves, and they always continue to love themselves.

That is all that matters. To teach them to be independent and confident as being independent, no matter what age they are”.

Jemima Bradley – Founder of Anything but Ordinary

the joy of ordinary. – A daily dose of joy celebrating the everyday moments, making them feel extraordinary.

“Advice to a new parent. I would say do not listen to any advice. It seems a strange thing to say, but when I had my first Rose, everyone gave me advice. I could not leave the house without people telling me kind-hearted advice. I think I was so desperate to get it right I listen to everyone and forget my own instinct.

That is my advice; listen to your instinct and remember you are the Mother. You learn together with your child how to parent. Just listen to your heart and instincts. Being a parent is a lifelong journey between mother and child. I am still learning eleven years on how to parent as new-borns turn to toddlers who turn into children who turn into teenagers; we are always learning together, Parent and child.

So be patient and take each day as it comes. Take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the journey full of love and learning together”.

Jessica Avey – Wild Women Ambassador and Female Empowerment Life Coach

Heal to Reveal (

“My best parenting advice is to give yourself grace; as adults, we are still learning and growing. I use this advice in business, but it is so relevant in parenting, too – there is no failure, only winning or learning. So, keep Winning and Learning. You got this”.


Wild Women are aware that sometimes speaking about pregnancy can be quite upsetting for some people, and we want our Wild Women space to represent all women and support them in their own individual Journey.

For the month of April, we have partnered up with an amazing children’s charity called Beyond Bea.

Beyond Bea Charity

“Beyond Bea Charity raises awareness of baby loss and educates students and health professionals about bereavement care. It was set up in January 2018 by Steph Wild, who is a bereaved parent to Bea and a Midwife. Beyond Bea pride themselves on the compassionate training, they deliver to those who otherwise would receive little or no training and improving bereavement care for all families affected by baby loss regardless of gestation or age”.


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