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Becoming a mum can be one of the most beautiful moments that you will experience. It can also be the most stressful and anxious time too.

Low moods can creep in and the sense of losing your identity can seem cripplingly overwhelming.

Lack of sleep and trying to cater for a little persons needs day and night can probably be one of the hardest times in your life that you may ever experience as well as the most rewarding. It’s a complex kind of love.

When you see your baby smile up at you or grab your hand whilst you feed them, these are all simple but precious times so hold on to these moments. They go by so quickly. It may not feel like that when your morning begins at 4am but time passes faster than you think.



Bonding is seen as something that should come naturally to all new mothers.

That is a misconception and simply is not true. Not all women immediately bond with their babies and that is ok.

It might take a bit longer to get your head around the fact that yes, your life has changed but you are still the person you always were. Just with a little baby in tow.

There are so many hormones and emotions running through your body when you have a baby and for quite awhile after.

 It is remembering when you feel so completely overwhelmed because your baby hasn’t stopped crying all day and you have no idea why. That your boobs are leaking like crazy, and you haven’t eaten anything substantial other than a few biscuits in-between feeding.  


In between those moments of chaos, stop, breathe and focus.

You will be ok. Just remember that.


Titty Tea - Supporting mum and baby 


Yes, we call this our Breastfeeding Support tea, but the truth is, herbs are beneficial for you as a new mum no matter how you choose to feed your baby.

We use carefully selected herbs to create a deliciously delicate tea to sip when you are feeding.

This tea was created for you to enjoy.



 *Being a new mum can be really hard work so if you feel that you are just not feeling like yourself and you feel something is not right, then please reach out. Speak to a friend or family member. Remember your GP or health visitor will understand and can help you.*

You are not alone! 




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