If you are like me and did not know that not only do we have the glorious Menopause to look forward to, but there is also something called the Perimenopause which starts well before you hit the full-on menopause.

I am a woman in my mid to late thirties. The menopause is something that I felt I never had to worry about until I was in my mid 50’s at least. The thought never even crossed my mind. I was completely uneducated, misinformed and utterly foolish. I know this now. Wild Women Tribe was created to get women speaking about all the ups and downs of being a female. Our bodies are amazing and Wild Women is about embracing all changes and turning it all into a somewhat positive experience.

If you read my last blog all about the Menopause, then thank you. In this blog we are going to delve into the world of the Perimenopause.

Did you know that women can show symptoms of perimenopause for years leading up to the full-on menopause and so many women don’t even recognise it? They put it down to PMT and the stresses of life, but it can be your body telling you that something more sinister happening so recognising these signs of body change will be massively beneficial to not only your body but to your mind too.

When your hormones start to change but before your periods fully stop for good is known as Perimenopause.

This is a natural stage of life that occurs at a certain age and can last from 4 months up to four years on average, sometimes longer.  It is when you start producing fewer eggs so once you have not had a period for 12 months, then you have officially reached the fabulous Menopause.



Hot flushes

Change in your Menstrual Cycle



Vaginal Dryness

Weigh Gain

Difficulty sleeping


Mood Swings

Experiencing the Perimenopause is a signal that your body is changing.




Eat a heart healthy diet with at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables.

Take a daily supplement of Vitamin D to support your bones and health and wellbeing.

Exercise regularly



The process of making tea as your daily ritual is a process that can slow the mind down, make you feel cosy and nurture your body in a natural way.

Herbs balance your hormones and support a sluggish body.

Herbs also have a long-lasting effect on our health when drank regularly.

Herbs have natural healing powers and can really help aid your body when it is going though such a big change such as Perimenopause and when you are in the eye of the storm that is the queen Menopause.

Herbs work in such a simple way inside the body. Like plant-based sources, herbs are rich in helpful nutrients. When the body breaks down herbs, our gut absorbs all these beneficial compounds.



We are so excited to have launched our brand-new herbal tea to support all women going through Perimenopause.

You had The Warrior Tea box to help with the first changes in womanhood and to support your monthly cycle.

The we had The Queen Bee box to support you through the next stage of your womanhood which is the glorious Menopause.

And now we have The Goddess Box to support you through The Perimenopause.

Filled with all-natural ingredients to help you through this new adventure of your life and it is also about gaining knowledge and recognising these changes.

'The Goddess box ' contains Tea Blends Tropical sunshine Lazzzee Daze

Both tea’s are delicious, 100% natural and full of plant-powered goodness. 

Each tea blend is an awfully specific mix of healthy natural ingredients designed exactly for the female body to provide relief from Perimenopause-related symptoms such as Irregular periods, Hot flashes, Sleep problems, Mood changes, Reducing Cholesterol Levels, easing Mental Fog and Anxiety.

Our new tea blend Tropical Sunshine is filled with delicious ingredients consisting of

Ingredients: Mistletoe, Bean peels, St John’s wort, Birch Leaves, Ginkgo, Nettle Leaves, Lemon Grass, Raspberry Leaf, Sage Leaves, Sencha Green Tea, Elderflower, Flowers (Lemon slices, Marigold flowers, natural Lime aroma. May contain traces of nuts.) 

Our Lazzzee Daze Tea is our evening blend which is perfect to sip just before bed.  The perfect tea to help you to relax and unwind.

Full of nurturing and calming herbs such as Chamomile to help the ease the busy mind and Sage to help balance the hormones which is especially beneficial for Menopause symptoms in which tends to be worse at night time.

Ingredients: Leaves of Nettle, Organic Rooibos, Flowers of Chamomile, Mint Leaves, Ginger, Fennel, Liquorice Root, Leaves of Sage and Peppermint.

We are currently offering 12% off of The Goddess Box for this week only. 

Enjoy x 









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