PMS Relief

PMS Relief

Period pain is more common than you think, but most women suffer in silence! Especially when they are in a male-orientated environment. There are lots of ways to help though and we always recommend natural alternatives, rather than chemical filled pills or fake hormones (such as taking The Pill)

Why Natural PMS do work

Natural PMS treatments?, yes ... they can help to ease your pain! The bloating, the cramps, the headaches, the sore boobs...the agony! If you’re looking for some pill-free remedies for your symptoms, try these all-natural ideas for PMS relief. These natural PMS remedies are a great way to get you feeling centred again! All of these combined together with our herbal teas are really effective PMS relief.

How Food can Help?

Watch what you eat, especially on the run up to your period. Good carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans, brown rice or lentils are very beneficial. Calcium, iron and healthy fat-rich foods are good too. Think salmon, oily fish and green leafy vegetables such as spinach.

Reduce your intake of bad fats (sunflower oil or margarines), refined white breads or pasta, sugar & salt will help cut down on that bloaty feeling.

Break up your meal routine into six smaller meals instead of three big ones. Eating more frequently might help your blood sugar to stabilise better, helping you to feel better.


Why you should exercise

Exercise! If you are new to it, just start off with a five minute brisk walk and build it up each day, breaking it up with short runs in between to get the blood pumping. It’ll lift your mood and may help you to sleep better too. Light stretching may help with period pains and menstrual cramps if you don't feel like anything too strenuous. 

Why good night sleep helps

Get some sleep! It seems so simple, but you can fight that drained feeling so much better on a full night’s sleep. A good evening routine of switching off devices an hour or so before you get into bed by swapping it for a book instead will make a huge difference. Making yourself go to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning will help your body clock too. 

Reduce stress! Life will always have its ups & downs but there are ways to keep the anxiety levels down a little. Reducing your time spent on social media or de-cluttering your contacts list to a more supportive bunch (they don't need to know that you've muted them for a while!) Writing in a journal may sound like something you did as a teenager, but you'll be surprised at how much better getting things down in writing can make you feel. 
Sometimes, PMS can make everyday issues feel so much bigger than they really are. Or they can make you feel like you’re just not up to handling it all. We’ve all been there. Talking with others will relieve that emotional strain.  

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