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Raspberry leaf -your new best friend (and you don't need to be pregnant!)

We thought we'd talk a little more about one of our favourite herbs that we love to use in some of our blends....Raspberry leaf.
Now many of you would never have heard of this tea or perhaps you thought it was suitable for only pregnant women? 
It literally has superpowers that brings back 'you', brings back hormonal balance, mindset and calms monthly symptoms. We believe that this tea is an essential daily ritual that anyone over the age of puberty should drink!
Seriously, a simple little cup of this glorious tea is a perfect start to your day. It regulates your hormones, regulates your period, calms PMS, helps headaches and is a natural pain relief. This little leaf is also jam packed full of healthy antioxidants, minerals & iron.
The taste of raspberry leaf is quite savoury and similar to green tea, so we have added a few extra components to give added flavour and health benefits.
Our "Everythings Rosey" is the leaf blended with a pure berry infusion (think of literally every garden berry...and then add a few more!) these are added vitamins, but also sweeten it up naturally. Next is our green tea, for those who need a little caffeine kick and a hint of spearmint to give a refreshing boost. 
Our "Wake up & GoGo" is blended with our favourite super-berry, Goji. This berry is high in vitamins, gives your immune symstem a boost and is great for detoxifying the system. Finally, there's lemon balm to help bring calm to busy minds and ease any anxiety.
These ladies, will become your new best friend!
Just one or two cups a day, especially in the run up to your period and throughout that week, to help calm symptoms. Consistency is the key here and we recommend drinking for 30 days to be able to see the difference in yourself (30 day as it will go inline with your cycle) 
Give it a go?

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