Raspberry leaf -your new best friend (and you don't need to be pregnant!)

Here at Cox & Baloney HQ, we have been very busy creating a line of tea designed especially for women, by us women.
We thought we'd talk a little more about one of our favourites....RASPBERRY LEAF.
Now many of you would never of heard of this tea or perhaps many of you may have thought it was ONLY for pregnant woman? Actually it's great for everybody. Whatever age, whatever stage. (except early stages of pregnancy!)
It literally has super hero powers that brings back 'you', brings back balance, mindset and relaxation. We believe that this tea is an essential daily ritual that anyone over puberty should drink!
Seriously, a simple little cup of this glorious tea is a perfect start to your day. It regulates your hormones, aids PMS, the menopause, periods cramps, nausea and also jam packed full of healthy anti-oxidants.
Also any ladies out there who are 38 Weeks pregnant or more - drink it! Gets your body ready for labour in so many ways, and perfect for straight afterwards too as will really help that poor womb fix itself again...Plus, being a brand new mum is HARD on the mind too. Beat that post-natal depression with a big raspberry bat and kick those positive hormones back into the court. We here at Cox & Baloney are mums and both drank this religiously - we are not medically trained, but have been through it and come out the other side....smiling
We have created two fabulous blends here to suit all tastes.
Our "Everythings Rosey" is the leaf blended with a pure berry infusion to sweeten it up naturally, some organic green tea for those who need a caffeine kick and a hint of spearmint to give a refreshing boost. 
Our "Wake up & GoGo" is the leaf blended with goji berries and lemon balm to give it a completely different taste, but also haelp bring calm and mindset. Perfect for later in the day.
These ladies, will become your new best friend!
Our Raspberry leaf teas, can be purchased within our 'WOMENS WORLD tea line

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