Raspberry leaf tea benefits - Periods & Pregnancy

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf. Why is raspberry leaf tea so good for women? Now many of you would not have heard of this tea, or perhaps you thought it is only suitable for pregnant women?

Raspberry leaf tea is perfect during pregnancy, but you may be surprised to hear that it does a whole lot more, and we feel that it literally has superpowers that can bring back 'you' again, especially during the run-up & throughout your monthly cycle.

So how does raspberry leaf tea work?

These wonderful leaves support your hormones and calm monthly symptoms, with little side effects. Seriously, a simple little cup of this glorious tea is a perfect start to your day. It's so beneficial towards reducing common monthly symptoms, such as PMS, headaches, anxiety, PLUS it is a natural pain relief (for those who suffer from monthly cramps… .it's a game changer!).

This little leaf is also jam-packed full of healthy antioxidants, minerals & iron to help you focus and keep you healthy.

Our "Everythings Rosey" blend has been designed especially for monthly cycle support. Its a combination of red raspberry leaf, infused with pure garden berries, green tea and a hint of mint for a refreshing boost.

We also have a pregnancy version of this blend, which is caffeine-free and more suitable for those last few weeks and the postnatal period that follows.

Raspberry leaf whilst pregnant

Raspberry leaf is a great blend when you are pregnant and considered safe to drink from 34 weeks. The plant is beneficial towards strengthening your uterus muscles and, in turn, believed to help induce & speed up labour - this, of course, is not a proven medical fact. Still, it similarly does work with menstrual cramps and can reduce the pain.

But don't stop there; keep drinking this brew to support your fluctuating hormones and help your uterus contract back again after labour (contractions can still occur for hours after childbirth!).

Plus, it can help reduce postpartum bleeding and postnatal blues (Postnatal blues are REAL. This blend is really beneficial towards the highs & lows of becoming a new mum.. Please keep checking in with yourself, and please reach out for help if you are struggling).

How often should I drink Raspberry Leaf?

So ladies, if you struggle with period pain, cramps, anxiety, or became a new mum, this blend will soon become your new best friend!

Just one or two cups a day, especially in the run-up to your period and throughout that week, help calm symptoms. Consistency is the key here, and we recommend drinking for 28 days to be able to see the difference in yourself (28 days as it will go inline with your cycle)

Give it a go?


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