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The relationship that we have with our bodies should be the most valued one. How can we possibly care for those around us if we do not care for ourselves?

Self-love has never been more needed right now as this slightly tilted world finds its way back to some new normality once again so caring for yourself not only from the outside, but the inside, is a must.

So, let us talk periods, shall we? Yes, that dreaded and exasperating old friend that always shows up when you least expect her to and personally outstays her welcome way too long if you ask me.

Did you know that according to an article in the magazine Marie Claire, a woman on average spends ten years on her period in a lifetime?
That is a whole decade of Bleeding, Cramping and a whole lot of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

An average woman also spends roughly around £5,000 worth of money going towards products for their monthly cycle, although in January, the tax on Tampons were abolished to make products more affordable as they are essential to women.

In 2019, Scotland passed legislation to make all Tampons and Sanitary pads completely free for all women. In fact, Scotland is the only country in the world to enable such a law, but little steps make big changes so other countries may one day follow them.

Tampons and Sanitary pads are currently unsustainable unless stated otherwise and can create pollution to land and water and if the average woman goes through between 12,000 – 15,000 of period products in a lifetime, then that is a mind-blowing statistic.

So, with all this in mind, my main aim for this blog is to simply dispose of all the negative energy that periods can create. Speaking about periods needs to be a positive one.

I have sourced the best Zero Waste, Organic, Reusable Materials and completely sustainable period products out there right now.

So, let's start off with the award-winning period products brought to you by:


The first reusable tampon applicator – DAME. (

With their first period business Sanitary Owl, they realised that they had sleepwalked into a toxic industry and were drowning in a sea of plastic when it came to the products that they were producing.

They wanted to change this drastically and with that, Dame was born.

Making Periods Positive was the aim and only creating the best toxic free tampons, pads and cups to suit all women. Dame awakens you to the impact of the choices that we make in the products that we choose.

Taken from her interview with CEO Magazine back in September 2020, Co founder Celia Pool quoted,

“The word ‘bold’ is one of our values for our company. We strive to be bold and do things that previously weren’t thought possible,” Celia explains. “When we first said we were going to start doing this a few years ago, we had quite a few people roll their eyes.”.

“Suddenly there was a gear shift and the world’s eyes were opened to the plastic waste going on in the planet,” Celia says. “People really started thinking seriously about making changes to their life.”

“Period products are only one part of the things being reused – there’s plenty more to go.”


Sea and Flo

Menstrual Cup | S&F menstrual cup (

Sea and Flo have beautifully created their very own Menstrual cup. These cups can last up to ten years if looked after and are completely eco-friendly.

They created this cup to show women that there is something out there for everyone. Not all women like using Tampons and Sanitary pads so this is another alternative for them.

Some women may find this product and they way that it is used as a bit daunting, but everything is always worth trying once and Sea and Flo clearly know their stuff.

Period Pants Club

Period Underwear |

Why can’t period pants be sexy?After gruesomely trawling the internet looking for something other than the usual boring black and basically least flattering period underwear, I finally found Period Pants Club.

With their biodegradable packaging and fun designs, there is something for all women.

Regardless of whether you have a light or heavy flow, there is something for everyone. Each pants has four layers of ultra-protection with no leakage and breathable fabric.


Here at Wild Women Tea Club, we create tea specially designed for the female body in mind. We have created The Warrior Box which is a tea aided to support women of all ages throughout their monthly cycle.

We believe that natural is always a kinder approach for the body as we have carefully selected only the best nourishing herbs for our tea selection.

Everything’s Rosey is our morning tea to gently ease you into the day at your own pace and give you that gentle kickstart that you need. Blended with Raspberry leaf, garden berries, mint leaves and green tea together creates a taste of complete deliciousness.

The raspberry tea is beneficial for the female cycle as it contains Fragarine which treats the cramps in muscles and Tannis which strengthens the uterus. Raspberry leaf also contains Iron, Vit B, Vit C, Potassium and Magnesium. This amazing leaf can also help with Anxiety too.

When it is time to unwind in the evening and release yourself from any heavy burdens or stress that you may have carried that day, then turn to our evening Lavender Tea to gently coax you into a deep restful slumber.

Infused with a beautiful blend of Lavender and Lemon Balm to bring you calm, ease anxiety and promote sleep.

The Average Woman Spends 10 Years On Her Period In Her Lifetime (
DAME Co-Founder Celia Pool honoured by Veuve Clicquot awards (

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