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The Happy Period




Periods are not exactly the highlight of every woman’s month as most must deal with cramping, fatigue, mood swings and more but that time of the month does not need to fill you with dread.


There are simple changes that you can make to your diet that can help or even changing your attitude to a more positive one can have a massive impact on not just your mind but your body too.


When your period's arrive, you might want to curl up into a ball, devour lots of chocolate and binge watch Netflix and that is perfectly great too as self-care is everything and something we all need to honour for ourselves on a regular basis. 


Having a positive attitude towards your period can really help you mentally and release wonderfully happy hormones that can help you get through your period.


Changing the thought process on how we speak about our Menstrual Cycle and speaking about it in a more positive way, as realistically, it is something that most women will have to deal with a lot during their lives, so allowing ourselves to embrace them in a better light can only be great thing. 



Having a period indicates that your body is a healthy one and it is doing exactly what it needs to be doing.

Health is such an amazing gift to have and something that should never be taken for granted.

Regular periods also tells you that your body and brain are successfully working well together and is allowing your ovaries to release a series of important female sex hormones.

Having regular periods also means of course that you have a chance of having a baby if you wish.

Finally, do not allow your periods to cause any self-consciousness. They are a natural stage in a woman's life so don’t let it stop you from going out and doing things.

Life is too short so get out there and enjoy it. 



Listening to your body regularly is so important. Allowing yourself to become Intune with your monthly period symptoms as they might be trying to tell you something.




Heavy and painful periods

Mood swings


Sore breasts



All these symptoms might be your body telling you that Oestrogen may be the more dominant hormone within your body so taking "Agnus Castus" might be great to reduce these symptoms.



Irregular periods

Feeling low

Low self confidence


Regular skin break out


All these symptoms might be your body telling you that Progesterone may be the more dominant hormone within your body so taking “Soy Isoflavones” might be great to reduce these symptoms.



Diet has a huge impact on all aspects of your health and even more so during your period.

Choosing a diet rich in fresh ingredients and jam packed with minerals and vitamins help ease period symptoms.








Inflammation is thought to be a big factor in period pains so reducing your intake of processed foods, refined sugars and heavy animal products can really help.

Also, including Fish which contains Omega 3, Flaxseed oil and Walnuts are all great to include in your diet.



Does it even need to be said? We all know how much we need to regularly drink water and to stay hydrated.

Hydration is also so important as it can reduce water retention and bloating. Drinking water is also great for your bowel movement too.

If you are fed up of drinking water and want something with flavour but good for you, then why not try adding some fresh fruit or herbs to your drink. Herbs are filled with natural flavour and jam packed with vitamins and nutrients. 

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help relax the muscles which initiate menstrual pain and helps soothe the pain. It promotes healthy and smooth blood flow and also alleviates the discomfort women feel. 

We use green tea in The Warrior Box which is our period support tea. Green Tea contains L-theanine which releases Serotonin which is the happy hormone. 


Alcohol and Caffeine can make dehydration worse so reducing your intake is important. 



Selfcare is so important as not only is it great for your body of course, exercising has a massive impact on our mental health too.

Your mood has an impact on everything within your body, not just your mind.

Simple stretches such as gentle yoga or even an evening walk after dinner can really help to release Serotonin which is cleverly known as the happy hormone.

You might not think it but having a Happy Period can be possible.

With a little bit of thought, positivity and self love, you can get through your period in a much happier way. 

Be kind to yourself. 



Our monthly cycle support tea helps ease any nasty period symptoms that you might get during your time of the month. 



Wake up every morning with a cup of Everything's Rosey tea. Blended with Raspberry leaf, garden berries, mint leaves and green tea. 

Our morning cuppa is so beneficial for the female cycle and and this blend is designed to give you Hormonal Support, ease anxiety, calm premenstrual tension, period pain relief and jam packed with nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. 



Our Evening tea, Lavender Dreams, is a gorgeous blend of English Herbs, with lavender and lemon balm to being restfulness, ease anxiety and help to promote sleep, whilst rosemary calms a busy mind and helps you to switch off. 


Discover our tea collection and find out more about our different teas and how herbs have the power to naturally heal your body and mind. 

Wild Women Tea Club - For women who drink Tea!



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