The Journey of Motherhood – Mum and Baby Tea

Becoming a mum is a special one but also quite a daunting one. You are entering a chapter in your life that no matter how many books you read and classes you take, it will always be nothing like you expected.


Founders of Wild Women Tea, Joney and Amy, are mothers and always wanted to create a tea with mums in mind and support the fantastic female body during this beautiful time.

Our Mum and Baby tea box consist of three different teas to help to support you during each stage of your motherhood journey.

Everything's Rosey

Start your day with a cup of our deliciously tasting Everything's Rosey tea, a blend filled with beneficial herbs such as Raspberry leaf, Forest Berries, and mint leaves.

All these herbs are designed to help to ease you into the day by easing off any morning anxieties whilst also strangling your uterus muscles.

Completely jam-packed with nutritional vitamins and antitoxins.

All our herbs are carefully selected, so when combined, they give you the best natural goodness that your body needs as it transitions and grows to support your baby.

We have added in the Raspberry tea and mint to ease any nasty morning nausea and cramps.

Raspberry tea is a great herb to drink during pregnancy (after 34 weeks onwards) but keep drinking it after labour as it is excellent for rebuilding your body. Drinking this herbal tea will strengthen your uterus and help stop any heavy bleeding.


Fly Me to The Moon

Our perfect evening tea to help you relax and relieve any hormonal symptoms is too full of vitamins and blended with Oranges and Apricots and cleansing herbs such as Fennel and Chamomile.

Fly to the moon is the perfect tea to sip in the evening just before bed.


Titty Tea

Our breastfeeding support tea was created to help calm your body and mind.

Great for digestion to benefit both mum and baby, our sweet cuppa is the ideal drink that you need to help support your hormonal balance and slow down and show yourself some self-care.

Breastfeeding can come very naturally to some women and not so much to others. It can be so tricky sometimes. We all have different motherhood journeys that we take, and we here at Wild Women support all women in whichever way they choose to feed their baby.

If you wish to breastfeed your little one but find it difficult, we always recommend that you speak to your GP.

There are so many support groups out there to support you, and as restrictions lift, they are worth visiting.

Do not be so hard on yourself. Always speak to someone, be it a family member or friend. Chances are they have been through it themselves and can help give you some advice.

Motherhood is not easy. Wild Women is a female based business, and we are all mums here too, so we completely understand all the ups and downs. Being a parent can be challenging, but you will get through it.

Be kind to yourself.

You are doing great.



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