Concentrated Tea Remedy for PERIOD Support - Wake up and Gogo
Concentrated Tea Remedy for PERIOD Support - Wake up and Gogo

Concentrated Tea Remedy for PERIOD Support - Wake up and Gogo

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A delicious, 100% natural, plant-powered concentrated tea remedy.  All the health benefits of our Wake up & Gogo Tea Blend in a concentrated form. 

A perfect balance of selectively sourced natural ingredients.  A very specific mix of herbs designed exactly for the female body provides fast-acting relief from Period-related symptoms such as cramps, re-balances your hormones and lifts your emotions.  Enjoy the taste and benefits throughout the month, but extra beneficial the week before & during your menstrual period.

Plus it's packed full of antioxidants which are great for the skin & hair!

Wake up & GoGo Tea Remedy is the perfect complement to our Warrior Period Support Tea Box

Taste: Taste - Fruity & naturally sweet but with a refreshing citrus twist. 

Best for: Period Support

Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, raspberries, apple, rose hips, lime blossoms, chamomile, beetroot, aroma, elderflowers, strawberries, black
chokeberries.  May contain traces of nuts. 

The raspberry leaf is especially beneficial for the female cycle by helping to re-balance your body and relieve cramps.

The lemon balm helps to de-stress and calm the mind and relieve anxiety (which can be worse in the morning) 

Goji berry - this super berry is very high in Vitamin A & C which can help your immune system, boosts your energy and give you focus for the day ahead. 

No added sugar. Alcohol-Free. Caffeine Free.  No chemicals or preservatives.


MAXIMUM 5 drops per day. Natural ingredients & flavouring with no preservatives. Use within 6 weeks of opening

* NOT suitable if pregnant, breastfeeding or going through fertility. 

* May contain traces of nuts.

* If you have any doubts about your suitability to use a natural remedy or herbal tea, please consult your healthcare provider.