Everythings Rosey - General Hormone Balancer (contains caffeine)

Everythings Rosey - General Hormone Balancer (contains caffeine)

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Taste - Savoury raspberry leaf and green tea, but with berries and spearmint to give it a naturally sweet, yet refreshing taste


For the girl who needs a little helping hand, especially during her cycle. 
For the PMT sufferer / relieves menstrual cramp
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Best for hormonal imbalance and aids any monthly cramps. Should be enjoyed throughout the month, but extra beneficial during the menstrual period. Also perfect for expectant mums (AFTER 34 weeks, check with mid-wife), post-pregnancy or anyone going through fertility. Helpful towards post-pregnancy or hormonal blues 


Hormone Balancer -  A great morning tea, blending raspberry leaf, forest berries, mint leaves and Dragonwell green tea.

Feeling a bit out of whack? This tea is designed to help with (hormonal) balance, can ease morning anxiety and help any monthly cramps. Gives you a slow release of caffeine and green tea goodness (jam-packed full of antioxidants!)

A cup a day helps keep the wobbles at bay!

* We also offer this blend without green tea, for those who prefer caffeine-free. (As found in our pregnancy box) Just send us a message to specify!

Herbal Blend. Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, peppermint, green tea, forest berries, May contain traces of nuts.

80g bag loose tea loose tea