PERIOD Support Tea Box - The Warrior
PERIOD Support Tea Box - The Warrior
PERIOD Support Tea Box - The Warrior

PERIOD Support Tea Box - The Warrior

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'The Warrior' contains our 2 delicious Period Support Tea Blends Everythings Rosey & Lavender Dreams

Both teas are absolutely delicious, 100% natural and full of plant-powered goodness.  

Each tea blend is a very specific mix of healthy natural ingredients designed exactly for the female body to give relief from period-related symptoms such as cramps, hormonal headaches, irregularity, anxiety, sleepless nights, whilst also supporting your hormones and lifting your emotions.  

Enjoy the taste and benefits throughout the month and feel the difference before & during your menstrual period.  Try the 28 Day Challenge and feel the benefits!

(boxes contain the exact amount for one cup each morning & evening for 28 days). 

Plus both teas are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants which are great for general health and the condition of your skin & hair!

Also, if you're often out 'n about and on the move we have mini bottles of fast-acting Concentrated Tea Remedies that act as a great little booster to power you through those extra-tough days.

The Teas

Everythings Rosey (Your Morning Cup) 

* NOT suitable for pregnant ladies less than 34 weeks

A delicious blend of berries, herbs & green tea combines an uplifting slow energy boost to help you focus while at the same time fills you with calm and relaxation.  

Hormonal support, eases premenstrual symptoms, relieves cramps and helps calm morning anxiety.

Also gives you a slow release of green tea caffeine energy 

Taste: Refreshingly uplifting with a hint of mint & berries.  

Best for: Period Support

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaves, Mint, Green Tea, Elderberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Redcurrants, Black Chokeberries, Beetroot, Apple, Hibiscus, Blackberry Leaves, Aroma.  No chemicals or preservatives.

* May contain traces of nuts.

100g bag loose tea


Lavender Dreams (Your Evening Cup)

A gorgeous blend of English herbs, with lavender and lemon balm to help bring restfulness and aid sleep, whilst the rosemary calms busy minds that can keep you awake at night. The smell alone can help relax both the body & mind throughout the evening.

Taste: Savoury & herbal infusion with lavender & rosemary flavours coming through.

Best for: Period Support & Happiness

Ingredients: Lemon balm, Lemongrass, Oregano, Rosemary leaves, Ginseng root, Schizandra berries, Lavender flowers, Mullein flowers.  No chemicals or preservatives. 

*May contain traces of nuts.

100g bag loose tea


Try the 28 Day Challenge and feel the benefits! 

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