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It all began 10years ago with humble beginnings, when Amy (the Cox) and Joney (the Baloney) - Best Buddies for over 20 years, opened Cox & Baloney, (the vintage stall!) with £100 in their pocket and a lot of love.

Fast forward 10 years and a multi-award winning tearoom later, we now have our womens tea line Wild Women Tea club

Why? - During those 10 years, we have climbed, jumped and fallen over every hurdle that's been thrown our way.

We have been through the pregnancy thing, the loss thing, the labour thing, the harsh reality that motherhood brings, the loneliness, the hormonal craziness that comes throughout, the mood swings, the sleepless nights.....

BUT we have survived and come out the other side smiling! It's not all been bad, we have also had A LOT OF FUN along the way too!

We have achieved ten times more than we could imagine with our tearoom business, but now its time to share our knowledge and help others too.

We all know that herbs are an amazing natural source of support for the body and it seemed the obvious next step for us to take.

We drank a lot of Raspberry leaf when we were pregnant, we drank fennel, chamomile and green teas afterwards, but for us it just wasn't good enough. Also the fact that we didn't like the taste of many, simply put us off drinking them even though we knew the health benefits

We have actually been blending our own teas, in our tearoom for the last 10 years and that's exactly how Wild Women Tea Club was born!

Just think how many women came through our door over the years (95%of our customers were females!) Out of our 30+ blends that we had available....most just wanted the female blends.

Each tea has been carefully blended to suit the female body & mind. All the ingredients lend a helping hand to clear away toxins, re-balance the body, re-balance hormone production, calm symptoms (whether that's puberty hormones or menopause!) and calm the mindset.

We wanted to create a tea line that was an experience and make it fun (tea can be SO serious!) and tea that ANY girl or woman could enjoy, whilst also tasting great and giving you all the health benefits too!

PHEW! Quite a challenge, but we know that we are right!


Now, we are now more than just a tearoom; we are a lifestyle, hub and community for all women.


We are Wild Women Tea Club