Our Teas

We created Wild Women Tea Club because we believe in a better way, a natural way and a kinder way 

A simple ritual created specifically for the female body, to help you rediscover clarity, balance and flow in life. 

A plant-powered option for less stress, hormonal support, more energy, brighter mood and a sharper mind. We focus on hormonal balance, regularity & symptom relief. 

Feel like YOU again! You deserve it!  

Wild Women Tea Club is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, vegan, and free of sweeteners and preservatives.  

Its not rocket science, it's just tea!  

That ANY girl or woman could enjoy, whilst also tasting great AND giving you all the health benefits too! 

One cup a day can make all the difference. Take our 30 day challenge and really see the magic happen.  

Why 30 days? to go with your cycle... Simple 

We have our 30 day challenge boxes (contains enough tea for one cup in the morning & one cup in the evening, for 30 days) or if you have a favourite, purchase a re-fill pack instead - more for your money AND less packaging! 

Join hundreds of other women and try today. We are a lifestyle, hub and community for all women. 

We are Wild Women Tea Club