Our Story

Hi, I'm Joney, founder of Wild Women Tea Club, thank you for visiting our story...

Wild Women Tea Club started from humble beginnings in a vintage tea shop in Bristol called Cox & Baloney (Joney) that I owned with my good friend Amy Cox.

We started with a little market stall and saved our pennies until one day we were fortunate enough to be able to open Cox & Baloney.

When we opened I never dreamt how passionate we would become for tea and herbs.  We started experimenting and researching herbs and we started to learn so much about their amazing healing powers.

In our tearoom we would host baby showers and  hen parties as thos was to bring people together for  laughter through the power of  cup of tea... and gin of course.  We are proud to say that after lots of hard work we became a multi-award winning tea shop! 

After learning about herbs and tea for years, a little light bulb went on and we decided our new dream was to create something very special for women. The female body is an incredible thing and we wanted to support all girl's and women 

The Pregnancy Box was created for you...
I started drinking Raspberry Leaf tea when I was pregnant with my son Logan. 
Raspberry Leaf Tea can have a acquired taste and I wanted to create a tea infused with herbs to create a delicious warm drink to support during the later stages of pregnancy.

I had bad morning sickness and heartburn and so I wanted to create a tea that would include mint and fennel and which are amazing herbs and that are natural and can help so much with all of this.

The Warrior Box was created for you...

I also suffered very badly with my menstrual cycle. My cramps were so bad, and I was bedbound and my PMT was so horendous that my hormonal imbalance left me in such horrible moods. 

This would cause me so much stress and that I knew one day, I wanted to create a drink that could help with all of these symptoms. No-one should have to go through this each month, and herbs really do and have the power to help your body

The Queen Bee Box was created for you:
When my mother went through the Menopause, there was not much know-ledge about it and nobody spoke about it. and I felt powerless as I couldn't help her and I just didn't understand what she was personally going through. And those feeling's have never left me but now I have help women going through this.

More than just tea...
For me, I have always wanted Wild Women Tea Club to be platform or community for women to just drink our teas and  to have a voice and speak about their story, and just to listen to others with a similar story.  I truly believe a simple conversation with someone can save  and this is what Wild Women Tea Club is all about. 

All our Wild Women Tea Club teas have been brought to life as a result of our story and other women's stories.  Each of you are a Warrior, a Goddess or a Queen, so we named our teas after you. Each tea blend has been made with love and to help each woman out there. Women are our inspiration and without you, Wild Women Tea Club would not be here, so thank you. 

Welcome to Wild Women Tea Club!
A tea for less stress, brighter moods and a sharper mind. The herbs in our tea blends have been carefully selected to focus on both hormonal balance

We created Wild Women Tea Club because we believe in a better way and a kinder way to help women.

Created for women to enjoy whilst also tasting great and giving all the health too!

Wild Women Tea Club is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, vegan tea infusions that are free of sweeteners and preservatives. 

Join other women and try the 28 day challenge and we are sure you will feel the benefits.  We are a community for all women. We are Wild Women Tea Club.