Concentrated Tea Remedy for Sleep Support - fly to the moon

Concentrated Tea Remedy for Sleep Support - fly to the moon

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A delicious, 100% natural, plant-powered concentrated tea remedy.  All the health benefits of our Wake up & Go Go Tea Blend in a concentrated form. 

A perfect balance of selectively sourced natural ingredients.  A very specific mix of herbs designed exactly for the female body to help you sleep.

For the girl who needs a little helping hand with calming a busy mind & nodding off!

Our two best bedtime tea blends, together in one box. Both teas are designed to help you relax, calm busy minds and sleep. 

Two different flavours, which ones your favourite? 

Fly me to the moon - Evening time anxiety & hormone Support

EVENING BALANCE - For the girl who needs anxiety support, hormonal balance & helps calm busy minds.

Taste  natural sweetness from the orange & apricot. 

Ingredients: Honey bush, chamomile, fennel, apples, raisins, carrot, beetroot, apricots, sea buckthorn, orange peel, thistle, orange blossoms. Glycerin may contain traces of nuts.

MAXIMUM 5 drops per day. Natural ingredients & flavouring with no preservatives. Use within 6 weeks of opening

* May contain traces of nuts.

* If you have any doubts about your suitability to use a natural remedy or herbal tea, please consult your healthcare provider.