Baby Blossom Pregnancy & postnatal support (34 weeks +)

Baby Blossom Pregnancy & postnatal support (34 weeks +)

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Our Baby Blossom tea was created for women in the later stages of their pregnancy journey (34 weeks onwards) and new mum's. 


Designed to help support the last few weeks of pregnancy by strengthening the uterus and getting your body ready for labour. 

Beneficial for any painful cramping, digestion issues & nausea.

Perfect for the days, weeks & months that follow, to help mend your body and fend off postnatal blues.

Let's face it, we all want a smooth pregnancy, quick labour, and a speedy recovery. That is why it is so important you remember to look after YOU during this time.

You deserve it!

Tastes like: Refreshing and uplifting with a hint of mint
& delicious berries

INGREDIENTS: Raspberry leaves, mint,
raspberries, apple, rose hips, lime blossoms, camomile, beetroot, aroma, elderflowers, strawberries, black chokeberries. Caffeine free.
May contain traces of nuts.

BEST FOR: Pregnancy & Postnatal support

300ml small tea pot or mug , Infuse for 3-5 mins

Baby Blossom tea also in the Mum & Baby Support Tea Boxes 


Please always check with your midwife
first before consuming Raspberry leaf if
you are unsure. NOT be be drunk before 34 Weeks.

The benefits of herbs are not a proven scientific fact, but there are many who love natural remedies. please reach out for help if you are really struggling with symptoms, whether physical or mentally. you are not alone.