Happy Tea - Mood Lifting & Happiness
Happy Tea - Mood Manager Media loose tea

Happy Tea - Mood Lifting & Happiness

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Happy Tea

This Delicious Anytime Tea is genuinely uplifting and a great natural option to help lift you from a low mood, reduce anxiety and balance mood swings (contains St John wort).  Lemongrass is very beneficial and helps to reduce anxiety (which tends to be worse in the morning) as well as any morning bloating or fatigue. The birch leaves & nettle are great detoxifiers and can be wonderful for cleansing both your skin and your system.

Taste: refreshing and light with a hint of citrus & lemongrass

Best for: Happiness, emotions, positivity and keeping level headed.

Ingredients: Mistletoe, Bean Peel, St John’s Wort, Birch Leaves, Aroma, Lemon Grass, Ginko Nettle Leaves.  *May contain traces of nuts.

100g bag loose tea

* St Johns Wort is a powerful herb. Always check with your GP if you are on any medication, don’t drink alongside antidepressants or if pregnant/breastfeeding or taking hormonal birth control/the pill

For the girl who needs a little pick-me-up
Helps manage low mood and anxiety
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Taste- Refreshing and light with a hint of citrus