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Mindfulness - Mindset & Hormone Support The 30 day Challenge
Wake up and GoGo - in the morning Hormone Support The 30 day Challenge
Pick me up cowboy - in the evening Hormone Support The 30 day Challenge

Mindfulness - Mindset & Hormone Support

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The 30-day Challenge!  A herbal tea box 

A plant-powered option for less stress, hormonal support, more energy, a brighter mood, and a sharper mind. We focus on hormonal balance, regularity & symptom relief.

Mindfulness will help to balance your hormones, relieve period pain and calm any anxiety or a 'busy' mind.

Why 30 days? to go with your cycle... Simple 

Our boxes contain enough tea for one cup in the morning & one cup in the evening, for 30 days.

Wake up and GoGo - in the morning

Our morning tea is an uplifting blend, designed to give you balance, ease morning anxiety, and help pre-menstrual tension. Plus its jam-packed full of antioxidants! Raspberry leaf is really beneficial for the female cycle, re-balances your hormones and reduces any cramps. 

The lemon balm helps to de-stress both body & mind, can bring calm to a busy mind, help relieve anxiety (which can be worse in the morning) sets you up for the day ahead. 

The Goji ‘super berry’ is high in Vitamin A & C, helps boost your immune system, increase energy, focus and reduce brain fog. It also tastes great!

Ingredients: Apple, rose hips, blackcurrants, hibiscus, goji berries, rose petals, lemon balm. May contain traces of nuts..

80g bag loose tea

Pick me up cowboy - in the evening

Our evening tea is a gorgeous naturally sweet blend, with orange & apricot. Also contains turmeric which helps regulates hormone productivity, bringing back balance and its packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to aid not only your immune system, but also your digestion (perfect for after lunch or dinner) 

Plus contains minerals which can help to improve your mood & memory 

Ingredients: Apple, pumpkin, orange peel, carrot, turmeric, cinnamon, cacao kernels,marigolds, cloves. May contain traces of nuts.

80g bag loose tea