MUM & BABY Gift Box
MUM & BABY Gift Box

MUM & BABY Gift Box

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MUM & BABY Gift Box!

The perfect gift for any Mum To Be or New Mum! 

Maybe you have a friend who is having a bit of a hard time? Help her out? If nothing, it will bring a smile to her face knowing someone is thinking about her! 




Start your day with a cup of Baby Blossom A blend of raspberry leaf, forest berries & mint leaves (caffeine free!).

Designed to give you hormonal balance, ease any morning anxiety, and helps to strengthen your uterus muscles, plus it's jam-packed full of antioxidants! The minerals in raspberry leaf and the added mint, both aid that terrible nausea feeling, morning sickness, and any cramps

The raspberry leaf is incredibly beneficial for you when you're pregnant, but also in the postpartum period too! Don’t stop drinking this tea once labour is over - as it is great for putting your poor body back together again! Not only is it wonderful for your uterus, but also helps to stop any heavy bleeding and even fighting of those baby blues.

Our Fly Me To The Moon is a fruity blend perfect for the late afternoon or early evening. It’s a refreshing orange & apricot blend full of vitamins, minerals and cleansing herbs such as fennel and chamomile to cleanse your body overnight, helping digestion and reducing bloating or reflux.

Honeybush is full of nutrients that will help relieve any hormonal symptoms too (which can be worse at night) and ease the morning grumbles. 

* Not suitable for expectant mums under 34 weeks


Maybe you have a friend who is having a bit of a hard time? Help her out? If nothing, it will bring a smile to her face knowing someone is thinking about her! 

Designed to help hormone support, ease morning anxiety, and help strengthen the uterus muscles. The minerals in raspberry leaf, plus the mint that we have added are both great to help prevent nausea and morning sickness. It is even perfect for the weeks & months that follow, aiding recovery and helping beat those baby blues. 

Full of vitamins which can help boost the count of hemoglobin (which can be lower during pregnancy) and the honeybush is full of nutrients that can help relieve hormonal symptoms, such as cramps, insomnia, dizziness, headaches, anemia, and restlessness.

Our breastfeeding support blend, Titty Tea is a combination of very specific herbs which are calming, promotes restfulness, great for digestion or reflux and full of nutrients that benefit both mum & baby.  

PLUS its SO blooming nice to drink a naturally sweet cuppa in the early hours of the morning to really help lift your spirits! It's even better when someone else brings it to you! 


** We always recommend speaking to your mid-wife or getting help from your local breastfeeding community if you are struggling with breastfeeding. There is a great support network out there, so please always reach out for help and don't be scared to ask.

Breastfeeding IS HARD! This blend is simply an added bonus, which not only is healthy & natural but can also be very beneficial.

Plus its so nice to just stop for 5 minutes and have a nice cuppa in peace! 

Treat someone today!