Wake up and Gogo Tea Tonic
Wake up and Gogo Tea Tonic
Wake up and Gogo Tea Tonic

Wake up and Gogo Tea Tonic

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A natural, plant based tea tonic that fits right in your pocket. All the health benefits of our Wake up & GoGo tea blend, in a concentrated form.

For the girl, who's always on the go!
Very specific herbs, created especially for the female body. Re-balances your hormones, symptom relief, aids anxiety & jam-packed full of super Goji berry antioxidants 🍒

Taste - Fruity & naturally sweet but with a refreshing citrus twist. Alcohol free

Best for hormonal imbalance and aids any monthly cramps. Enjoy throughout the month, but extra beneficial the week before & during the menstrual period. Also perfect for expectant mums (AFTER 34 weeks, check with mid-wife), post-pregnancy or anyone going through fertility. Helpful towards post-pregnancy or hormonal blues too.

No more than 5 drops per day. Natural ingrediants & flavouring with no preservatives. Use within 6 weeks of opening


This uplifting blend of apple, blackcurrant, hibiscus, goji berry, raspberry leaf and lemon balm. Designed to help you balance, ease morning anxiety and help pre-menstrual tension, plus its jam-packed full of antioxidants!

The raspberry leaf can be really beneficially for the female cycle, helps re-balance your body and aids relief of cramps.

The lemon balm helps to de-stress and calm the mind and relieve anxiety (which can be worse in the morning) 

Goji berry - this super berry is very high in Vitamin A & C which can help your immune system, boosts your energy and give you focus for the day ahead. 

Apple, rose hips, blackcurrants, hibiscus, goji berries, rose petals, lemon balm, raspberry leaf & glycerine. May contain traces of nuts..