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Wake up & GoGo - Hormone & Monthly Cycle Support
Wake up & GoGo - Hormone & Monthly Cycle Support

Wake up & GoGo - Hormone & Monthly Cycle Support

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Tastes like - Fruity & naturally sweet (but not too sweet) with a refreshing citrus twist. A fruitier & caffeine-free version of our Everythings Rosey blend.

Best for hormonal imbalance and aids any monthly cramps. Should be enjoyed throughout the month, but extra beneficial during the menstrual period.

Also perfect for expectant mums (AFTER 34 weeks, check with mid-wife), post-pregnancy or anyone going through fertility. Helpful towards post-pregnancy or hormonal blues too


This uplifting blend of apple, blackcurrant, hibiscus, goji berry, raspberry leaf and lemon balm. Designed to help you balance, ease morning anxiety and help pre-menstrual tension, plus its jam-packed full of antioxidants!

The raspberry leaf can be really beneficially for the female cycle, helps re-balance your body and aids relief of cramps.

The lemon balm helps to de-stress and calm the mind and relieve anxiety (which can be worse in the morning) 

Goji berry - this super berry is very high in Vitamin A & C which can help your immune system, boosts your energy and give you focus for the day ahead. 

Apple, rose hips, blackcurrants, hibiscus, goji berries, rose petals, lemon balm. May contain traces of nuts..

80g bag loose tea