Wild Women Tea Club- The 30 day Challenge
Wild Women Tea Club- The 30 day Challenge

Wild Women Tea Club- The 30 day Challenge

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Here at Cox & Baloney HQ, we have been very busy blending and creating a whole new tea line designed especially for women of the world.

We ask all women out there to accept our challenge and we guarantee after 30 days…. you will feel amazing!    Cleansed, detoxed, balanced and ready to take on the world!

We will send you three new teas to help balance you, each pack contains a morning, noon and night time tea!

30 days = 1 boxes will arrive  containing 3 new 35g bags of blended tea….SIMPLE!

Each tea has been carefully blended and designed to suit the female body and mind. All the ingredients lend a helping hand to help clear away the toxins, re-balance your body and calm your mindset. Whatever life is throwing your way right now, we get it!

We all have life’s ups & down and us women tend to take on more than our shoulders can carry.

But YOU’VE GOT THIS!  Grab life by the lady balls and start putting everything back in order!

Only you can do this, but we are here to help you out.

So ladies, swap that bottle of wine, or that tub of ice-cream for some tea instead and pick yourself up.

Wake up every morning with a cup of sunshine and take 5 minutes to drink it and 5 minutes to sort out your mindset to face the day. Get outside and get some fresh air. Take some deep breaths, take off your shoes and put your bare feet on the ground. Feel the rays of sunshine on your face.

It only takes one or two cups a day, but if you can manage all three...perfect. If you can’t...don’t beat yourself up. Some days you may feel that you need more than three, and that’s just fine too!

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